Elementor Pro Causes Entry Process Full in Hosting Server


My Client have a wordpress website and he has problem with entry process full in hosting server that caused the website down


How to fix it … ?


  • I removed all plugin that caused the error
  • I set elementor pro minimum requirement setting

Elementor pro with Add Ons Minimum Requirements

  • Memory_limit 1000 MB or higher (128 MB or higher without add ons)
  • Enable zlib extension
  • max_execution time : 800 or higher (300 or higher without add ons)
  • max_input_vars: 5000 (1000 without add ons)

Add this code to .htaccess for the publish or update button to work:

<IfModule mod_dtimeout.c> 
   <Files ~ ".php"> 
      SetEnvIf Request_URI "admin-ajax.php" DynamicTimeout=150 


Wait for one day and in the next day, I go to my CPANEL and looking for resource usage and check the yesterday Entry Process picture logs and the result was good (entry process below the max number allowed)

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