Create Firebase In-App Messaging with Test Device


Android Studio 3.5.1 installed

Before Started:

You already impelement basic setup for adding Firebase from Firebase Console


Add this line

dependencies {
     implementation ''

Get The Firebase Instance ID

Purpose : this Firebase Intance Id is used for testing in-App messaging to your device

Run your application and find inAppMessaging Instance ID inside logcat


The Instance ID must be noted cause it will be used for testing in-App messaging to your device

Firebase Console

Login to your account and your project and scroll down left panel to find “in-App messaging” menu like image below

Then click In-App Messaging menu and look at the right panel like image below

Then click “Create your first campaign” button and next window will appear like this image below


  • Message Layout -> Choose Modal
  • Message Title : Tes
  • Body : Hanya Tes

Then click “Test On Device” Button then this window will appear

Click “Add an instance ID” text and insert your Instance ID

Then click plus button then the Instance ID inserted like image below

Then click “Test Button” and open your Android Application

Is your Message Appear … ?

Thanks for reading

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