Understanding Request URI in Laravel


Laravel Version 5.8

Before started:

You must already understand about:


Laravel have several method for handling URI, namely:

  • fullUrl is used to get the full URL for the request.
  • url is used to get the URL (no query string) for the request.
  • path is used to get the current path info for the request.
  • segments is used to get all of the segments for the request path.
  • segment(argumentNumber) is used to get a segment from the URI (1 based index)
  • fullUrlWithQuery is used to get the full URL for the request with the added query string parameters.


Create an Employee.php inside app/Http/Controllers folder and add this code below:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class Employee extends Controller
    function index(Request $request){
      $url = $request->fullUrl();
      echo 'Full URL method: '.$url;
      echo '<br>';
      $url = $request->url();
      echo 'URL method: '.$url;
      echo '<br>';
      $path = $request->path();
      echo 'Path Method: '.$path; echo '<br>';
      $path = $request->segments();
      echo 'All Segments are: ';
      echo '<br>';
      $path = $request->segment(1);
      echo 'Segmen 1 is: '.$path;
      echo '<br>';
      $path = $request->segment(2);
      echo 'Segmen 2 is: '.$path;
      echo '<br>';
      $url = $request->fullUrlWithQuery(['Berhenti' => 'saja']);
      echo 'Append full URL with Query: '.$url;

Route Configuration

Add the following line in the routes/web.php file

Route::get('gajian/lambat', 'Employee@index');


This route means that if i insert “http://localhost:8000/gajian/lambat” in browser then index function inside Employee Controller is executed


Open your browser and insert this URL “http://localhost:8000/gajian/lambat/?banyak=pengeluaran” then the result is like image below:

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